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A dear friend nagged persuaded me over a period of months to start writing again. My wife and I ran a blog together years ago, but eventually lost our mojo and took it down. But the urge to write is, I find, like an air bubble under wallpaper i.e. you can push it down but it will always pop up again somewhere else. So here I am, welcoming you to Random Blatherings where, as the name suggests, I will err, blather.

What can I expect to see here? I hear you ask. Yes, I am apparently having aural hallucinations of your voice, dear reader. Fear not though: if I can contain the madness to this blog, it might not leak out into the real world. The answer to the question (I did mention that I go off on tangents frequently, yes?) is all in the name of the blog. I will blather, and it will be random. See the about page for more clues.

I will probably only post weekly on a Thursday (yes, you might get two posts this week, you lucky people!), but will try and make it worth your while waiting for. No promises though. Do not expect perfect writing in terms of grammar and sentence construction. One of the things I hate most about suffering from Fibromyalgia (apart from the pain) is the brain fog it causes. This has robbed me of some of my language skills – both written and spoken – and, as a person who has made a living from this in the past, it causes me distress.

This blog will also become home to some of my photography, old and new. I hate being in front of a camera, but love being behind the lens, taking pictures of people, places and things.

Also, waddya mean, blogs have gone out of fashion? My friend Kate at Lore & Ordure blog explains part of my reasoning in her excellent post. I recommend reading it – she’s way smarter than wot I are.

So a big welcome to Random Blatherings. AKA. My personal corner of the asylum we call the Interwebz. I hope you get some enjoyment and/ore amusement from what you find here.

PS. Why does some of this first post look like it belongs on the About page? shrugs

PPS. Many of my ramblings here should be read with a CTTT (Certified True Tall Tale) warning in mind.

PPPS. As this is my first post, I suspect the total readership will, if I’m lucky, be five people. Hi! Waves

PPPPS. The photo above is of our friendly neighbourhood squiggle which is often seen chewing its nuts and, if I have to have my eyes water at the sight, I feel duty-bound to share.

PPPPPS. There won’t (usually) be this many postscripts in my random blatherings.

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