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UK Independence Day

Today, for those of you living under a rock not in the UK, is General Election day. My US in-laws find it deeply amusing that our election is being held on the anniversary of their Independence Day. Personally, I am a mixture of amused and anxious.

It looks like the hated Tories, who have had 13 years to put things right and yet have made things infinitely worse, are going to be all but wiped out. Indeed, there is a chance that they will be beaten into third place. This would make the Liberal Democrats the opposition party. I will laugh and laugh and laugh if this happens. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Please, if you haven’t already (I postal vote), vote. It does matter.*

* anybody complaining about the results will be asked (at least by me) whether they voted. Because, and I don’t give a rat’s arse if this sounds harsh, if you choose not to vote, you lose the right to complain. IMNVHO.

PS. I had a deep and meaningful post lined-up for today that is all about dealing with HardStuffTM, but that can wait until next Thursday.

PPS. PSA: the following graphic is a joke and is was approved by my ‘murrican wife years ago. 😛 Hmmm… people change. I guess I’ll find out whether she still approves later this morning when this arrives in her in box.

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2 thoughts on “UK Independence Day”

  1. Kids grow up and leave home eventually. That’s not treason, that’s life, mum.

    -Your American wife

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