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Reflecting on the HardStuff

Sometimes we all need to ask ourselves difficult questions, right? Personally, I find reflecting on the HardStuffTM rather unsettling <understatement alert>. To the extent that I used to avoid doing it.

So, dear reader, you will possibly have gathered by now that I am a little odd weird strange. This has sometimes been said out loud by people who’ve met me in real life (waddya mean, this isn’t real?).

It’s all relative, right? For example:

I am a free thinker.
You are eccentric.
They are nuts.

Some people talk to themselves when they’re thinking through difficult life events/decisions to be made/general processing of the HardStuffTM. I also do this but, being not at all odd, I take it one stage further. I stand in front of our bathroom mirror and look myself in the eye while I’m processing.

Why, I hear you ask (‘cos continuing aural hallucinations from the millions of readers of my words of wisdom), do I do this? Quite simply, I discovered years ago that I find it almost impossible to lie to myself. Also, looking myself in the eyes while processing difficult feelings increases the likelihood of my being 100% honest with myself.

What! You want an example? Well, if you insist…

Reading my About page will give you many clues as to my way of thinking and living.

Several years ago, someone I had considered a close friend revealed themselves to me as a racist f**kwit. A particularly shocking murder had been on the news and we both expressed horror. A photograph of the victim showed them to be a person of colour (POC). My former friend said “Oh well, never mind then.” I was utterly gobsmacked and couldn’t say anything at the time (I’ve got much better since). It took several in-the-mirror conversations for me to decide that I needed to cut them out of my life and tell them why.

Does this make any sense to you? Or am I talking a load of cross-eyed Badger’s spit*?

* hat-tip to the late and great Douglas Adams

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