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Cappuccino Consumption an Indicator of Barbarism?

Cappuccino, or so I am told by various friends and confirmed by Wiki, is a breakfast coffee, most often consumed with a pastry.

That’s all well and good, but what I am pleased to call my mind needs more of a caffeine hit first thing in the morning and gets it from an Americano, not the glorious cup of caffeine bubbles that is a cappuccino.

Consequently, I drink cappuccino later in the morning. Sometimes gasp shock horror even with lunch. This recently caused a dear friend to shake her head in despair, while mumbling something about cappuccino being a breakfast coffee. I believe there was a very large thought bubble hovering over her with the word “Barbarian” in neon letters within.

Tangent Alert

Do you know the origins of “Barbarian”? Anyone who didn’t/couldn’t speak classical Greek. It seems to have first been used during the Greek/Persian wars. Later, the Romans used it, particularly when referring to the Germanic peoples.

/Tangent and I return you to my regularly-scheduled blatherings

Now, despite persistent rumours to the contrary (you know who you are), I am a man of simple tastes and I know what I like. So, if I want a cappuccino with my lunch I will have one. Well, maybe not if I was visiting Italy, where such a social faux pas might be considered a capital offence. Ya know, along with wanting anything other than tomato sauce, mozzarella and maybe some basil leaves lovingly torn by vestal virgins on one’s pizza… but that’s another post entirely.

So, dear reader, is post-breakfast cappuccino consumption an indicator of barbarism? If so, does that make me a barbarian?

You do not need to answer that! Especially you!

PS. One of the people who definitely considers me a coffee barbarian shall remain nameless to protect the innocent guilty, but she has a really rather jolly good blog here.

PPS. Many of my ramblings here should be read with a CTTT (Certified True Tall Tale) warning in mind.

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